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Our delectable treats combine the joy of chocolate and Shrikhand with the goodness of Vitamin D, promoting overall wellness.

Vitamin D chocolate and Shrikhand

 technology for efficient seed processing, De-husking for optimizing crop processes.

Seed dehusking technology

A sustainable growing medium, perfect for nurturing healthy and vibrant plants.



High-efficiency fertilizers for consistent and robust crop growth.

Modified Slow release fertilizers

High-quality frozen Cholia (Indian black-eyed peas) for delicious and hassle-free cooking.

Frozen Cholia business

Nutrient-packed sprouts and microgreens for health-conscious consumers.

Long & medicinal Sprouts & microgreens

Protein-rich curd fortified with eggs and paneer, ensuring wholesome indulgence.

Egg-paneer Fortified Curd

Natural skincare enriched with Ayurvedic goodness, rejuvenating your skin.

Ayurvedic alkaline gel

Cutting-edge irrigation systems for efficient crop cultivation.

Vertical drip system / submerged drip system

A diverse selection of premium soft fruit varieties known for exceptional flavor and nutrition.

Soft Fruit collection, 500 kg fruit per day / batch

Innovative therapies for enhanced health and wellness.

Curcumin , nanocurcumin, other API expanding enema

Expert care and cultivation of exquisite orchids, including medicinal varieties.

Orchid horticulture Medicinal Orchids (aeroponics)

Eco-friendly solutions for soil improvement and greenhouse integration.

Green’ Biochar & pyrolysis machines & Greenhouse integration

Propagation of unique orchid varieties and nursery services for botanical enthusiasts.

Orchid tissue culture and nursery Tissue culture of cash crops

Purified water infused with essential minerals for optimal health.

Drinking water with therapeutic calcium /copper/gold/silver

Boosting crop health and yield through advanced plant nutrition.

Micro-nutrient augmented plant products 

Construction material that blocks harmful microwave radiation.

Gobar brick: anti-microwave radiation

Nutrient-rich mushrooms and honey with potential health benefits.

Medicinal mushrooms & honey

Advanced plant cultivation techniques for exceptional quality and diversity.

Hi tech nursery, In vitro, in vivo

Educational resources for high-tech agriculture and SPC (Start-up Preparty courses).

Hitech agro & SPC text books

Nutrient-rich hemp, almond, and groundnut-based foods for a healthier lifestyle

Hemp seed food products, Almond, groundnut seed products

Advanced nano-formulated nutritional supplements

Nanofood products (nanocurcumin, nano-quercetin / rutin raw food grade powder)

Sustainable liquid fertilizer solutions for eco-friendly farming.

Liquid anaerobic fertilizer: assembly prototypes and liquid fertilizer production

Ethical herbal drug production for holistic wellness.

3600 Farm to market Ayush drugs in 200 acre farmland Contract / OUTSOURCING

Cutting-edge hydroponic solutions for efficient crop cultivation.

Vertical agriculture-hydroponics infrastructure framework

Environmentally friendly disinfectants and sanitizers for a safer world.

Hypochlorous acid


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